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We specialize in taking lightly or moderately oxidized and faded RVs or boats and bringing them back to like-new condition. Classic cars too!
We gently remove exterior stains, black streaks, and all forms of environmental damage.
We will wash your RV, inside and out, clean the roof and awnings, wax its surfaces, and protect your investment.
We will buff out the oxidation and wax in the shine for a smooth reflective surface. We specialize in applying ceramic coatings in outdoor environments. Our mobile team comes to you!
And, we will teach you how to maintain the shine with easy cleaning solutions.


How Do We Put The Shine On?

New RV’s are delivered with no wax coat on them. Wax is like a sunscreen that will keep your RV from oxidizing, fading, and forming black streaks. When the wax is on the surface, that’s fantastic! But, when the wax is gone the sun is burning your vehicle.

An RV needs to be waxed twice a year under normal circumstances. For more lasting results, a ceramic coating, with a five-year-warranty, can be applied to the exterior of your RV.

Pricing subject to mobile fuel surcharge.